Welcome to the Barrow Improvement District (BID)

Barrow BID was set up in September 2016 to promote and regenerate Barrow’s Town Centre following a vote of town centre businesses in the summer of 2016. The initiative is a five year scheme, funded by local town centre businesses who MUST pay an additional levy based on the rateable value of their premises prior to September 2016. The rateable value is fixed each year for the five year period, so that local town centre businesses and the Barrow BID team can budget easier without seeing an increase or decrease in the levy payments.
Barrow BID has five key objectives to deliver within the town, these being:
  1. To market and promote Barrow
  2. To make access to Barrow town centre easier and more attractive for residents, visitors and workers throughout the day.
  3. To instil a sense of pride in Barrow Town Centre
  4. To establish Barrow town centre’s evening and night time economy as a welcoming, safe environment for people of all ages to enjoy food, drink and entertainment.
  5. To build effective partnerships between the town’s businesses, organisations and local authorities.

These in turn were grouped into our four ‘B’s:

  1. Better Brand and Promotion – BETTER BARROW
  2. Busier Shops and Services – BUSIER BARROW
  3. Brighter Streets and Buildings – BRIGHTER BARROW
  4. Boost the Evening Economy – BOOSTING BARROW

Latest News

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Visit Barrow

Barrow BID are one of the lead partners in a new promotional brand for Barrow. Visit Barrow promotes the attractions, assets, events and businesses that make Barrow worth visiting. Visit the new Visit Barrow website to find out why ‘there’s more than meets the eye’ in Barrow in Furness.

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Business Directory

Barrow Town Centre is a great place to visit. As the second largest retail centre in Cumbria, after Carlisle, Barrow has a wide range of National and Independent shops, cafes and businesses. On an evening, Barrow has a diverse range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to enjoy a sociable evening or get you partying hard through the night. Find out more about Barrow’s businesses by perusing our online directory.

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