The purpose of the Love Barrow Town Centre Campaign (LBTC Campaign) is to pull all of the key town centre stakeholders together to pledge to agree to work together towards an agreed objective… in this case, a 2018 entry into the Great British High Streets competition, followed by a ‘very credible’ entry in 2019 with the ultimate aim of winning the competition during the current period of the BID.

The signatories to the LBTC Campaign are:

  • Barrow BID
  • The Mail
  • Barrow and Furness MP, John Woodcock
  • Barrow Borough Council
  • Cumbria County Council

The intention is that the campaign will be driven by Barrow BID with the support of the other signatories and thus will form a key project of the Barrow BID’s delivery plan.

Many of the initiatives that the BID has already planned in its strategy and delivery plan will give us a head start in moving to achieve our objective. In no particular order these are some of the key deliverables that the BID is considering to help us on our way.

  • Council partnerships
  • Reducing the number of empty shops
  • Pop-up shops
  • Large national retailers mentoring small independent retailers
  • Website, social media and general communications
  • Development of high street app
  • Free town centre wi-fi
  • Footfall monitoring
  • Car parking initiatives
  • Varied food markets
  • Developing a creative quarter
  • A wide variety of events
  • Posters, maps, signs and booklets
  • Focus on heritage
  • Focus on night time economy
  • Evening security in town centre
  • Street parties

However, with the BID already planning much of the above, the key focus of the LBTC Campaign will be on regaining a pride in our town centre and therefore to concentrate on, the following:

  • Cleaning our streets
  • Smartening up shops and other business premises
  • Cleaning canopies and gutterings
  • Clearing rubbish (including residential rubbish in the back alleys)
  • Smartening up the street furniture
  • Smartening up empty properties
  • Brightening up with more hanging baskets
  • Street bunting, or other street displays
  • Dealing with the problem of seagulls, pigeons and dog poo
  • Control and cleaning up fly posting
  • Potential removal and enforcing of ‘A’ boards

By signing up to the Campaign, all parties are committing to:

  1. Ensuring that they fulfill their respective responsibilities;
  2. Drawing the attention of stakeholders, businesses and members of the public alike to collectively address these issues;
  3. Positively promoting the town centre at every opportunity;
  4. Collaborating to achieve the key objective of winning the Great British High Streets competition.


Signed on Tuesday 8 August 2017 by:

  • Simon Craig, Barrow BID
  • James Higgins, The Mail
  • John Woodcock, MP
  • Phil Huck, Barrow Borough Council
  • Tracey Ingham, Cumbria County Council

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