Free Car Parking after 3pm in Barrow in Furness

Barrow BID understand that car parking costs can sometimes be prohibitive for people visiting and shopping in a town centre. In December 2016 we launched a campaign called 'Free After 3' which provides free car parking in the multi-storey car park with instant access to Wilko's and Debenhams and Whittaker Street car park which provides access to the bottom end of Dalton Road and the M&S store.

The scheme enables visitors to park their car for free after 3pm in the two specified car parks with the aim that this scheme creates a number of positives including:

  • Individuals visiting the town straight from work.
  • People staying later and combining a late afternoon shopping experience with an evening coffee, meal or drink.
  • Individuals staying for longer in the town.

Although only initially a six month scheme, the Free After 3 campaign has been extended and has been in place since December 2016.

Look out for the Free after 3 signs at the Multi-Storey car park and Whittaker Street car park in Barrow in Furness.



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