On Thursday 30th August, the BID Clean took place in Barrow Town Centre

The BID Clean event was a huge success with over 40 individuals turning out to clean Barrow's Town Centre.

Most volunteers commented on how little litter was on the streets at the start and what a good job the Town Centre cleaning team do on a daily basis. Therefore our volunteers looked at areas where we could add value to the town centre instead.

Comments following the event have included:

Happy to do my bit today, If everyone at least aimed their rubbish in a bin, there wouldn’t be a need to clean up


Well done I wish the rest of the people of Barrow would clean up their streets.


Love to see people taking pride in their town and giving of their time to make a difference. Good job guys. 


Absolutely fantastic effort by everyone. Well done to Colin and the BID for pulling it together


More Information

Read more and see some of the pictures from the day here