Barrow AFC Community Team will be located on Dalton Rd near the Entertainer Store

Barrow AFC Community Coaches will be running two activities throughout the day at the Street Football Festival. The first being an exciting ‘Panna’ Cage, this is a one v one arena with the main goal being that you ‘panna’ (put the ball through your opponents legs), points are scored for each ‘panna’. Matches will last for no more than two minutes with some winner stays on time slots. We are hoping to have some special guests for the people of Barrow to test their skills against.


Panna skills cage     Target shot


The second activity will be an inflatable Target Shot, this includes various scoring zones of different sizes to kick the ball through. A tough test of accuracy and control. Prizes will be available for the highest scores and again we hope to have some special guests to set some scores to beat.

We hope you come and join us for what is set to be the first of many exciting events for our town.